Best Practice Methods to Ensure You Never Lose Online Connection Again

A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

In today’s world we are constantly connected to the online world. Constantly a part of the digital world. The internet drives our business, entertainment, and increasingly via eCommerce and online automations, our daily life and chores. Yes, it does all these things and all the time – except when it doesn’t.

Once upon a time losing online connectivity wasn’t such a big deal. After all, there was easy access to a fax machine, a landline phone and other goodies like a pager – remember those!? – to keep things moving. Today if most people lose online connectivity for a long period of time (especially those with a professional need for it at that time) it can result in some really damaging consequences.

That’s why it’s essential you have an understanding of how to maximise your connectivity with the current online setup you have, and also know what you need to have a great backup system in place. To ensure even if your main avenue for online access goes offline, you’ve still got options. Here now is all you need to know to ensure you’ll always be online no matter what.

Establishing Reliable Connectivity

The first step in securing constant connection is to have a reliable main connection. There are many variables in this arena but the starting point is always with your current Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are unhappy with the quality of your current connection, the first port of call is to have a chat with them about what they can do to improve it.

Direct Link Over WI-Fi

If you use your current main connection online via Wi-Fi only, it’s wise to grab an ethernet cable and directly connect your computer(s) to it wherever space and distance allows. 

In and of itself this step may not save you if your whole modem goes bonkers, but it can mean even if your Wi-FI goes wonky you internet connection may continue uninterrupted via cable. 

Use a Wi-Fi Extender

If you’re using an online device at a distance from the modem, you may find it’s ideal to buy a Wi-Fi extender (AKA range extender or booster). This device does exactly what it sounds like it does, extending the signal strength of your Wi-Fi device. For anyone finding connectivity across a longer distance an issue, you may find your problems are solved by buying an extender.

While an extender can solve your connectivity problems it can also create new ones surrounding demand. If you are using the extender to simply establish a stronger connection with a computer that is located closer to it than the main router, the speed of the connection shouldn’t be reduced, and instead is likely to improve. If however the extender also means many other devices that are now in range will use the connection, you’ll likely see a reduction in performance. 

Have a Pocket Wi-Fi

Although beefing up reliability and signal strength on your main connection is great, it’s also important to have backups in place. Other connections you can use when your main one goes down due to something like a network outage in your neighbourhood that means connection is impossible until its restored. 

In these circumstances having a portable Wi-Fi device is ideal. A little pocket modem that you can use to get back online when your main connection goes down. Depending on the device you have, you may not find the Wi-Fi is as good as your main connection, especially if multiple people are using it at once (so if you’re in an office buying one for each staff member is ideal).

Remember it’s important to charge up your pocket modem and ensure it has either prepaid credit on it – and be sure to check and renew before the expiry date – or is attached to an ongoing mobile broadband plan. For extra peace of mind, consider using prepaid or a plan with another ISP that’s different from your main one so if your main has a network outage your backup isn’t at risk of being effected.

Keep Your Laptop and Smartphone Charged Up

If the worst happens it’s possible you may lose connectivity on your main connection, and also your main computer. It’s unlikely, but mass power outages can certainly occur. In these circumstances, having a laptop and a phone can be your best backup option. A charged laptop won’t need a powerpoint connection for at least a couple of of hours, and any current smartphone should have the capacity to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot when the need arises.

As with your pocket Wi-Fi (which should be able to serve in place of your phone if need be), it’s important to ensure your smartphone has sufficient mobile data – whether prepaid or part of a rolling plan – to ensure it can properly serve as a backup connection when the need arises. Once you’ve ensured this is the case? You have a great way to stay connected no matter what.

Having Tech Troubles? Make the Connection to Us!

If you follow through in all of the above methods you can be sure you’ll have strong safeguards against being offlined. In most cases you will find you have a good connection, and the ability to use your backups if your main one encounters some issues. 

This said, sometimes you may encounter a connectivity problem where the cause isn’t clear, or your backups aren’t working as they should. In cases like this (and for any issue like it), the best move is to contact my team here at HorizonTech.

We’re here to assist with any connectivity issue you have, and pride ourselves on working quickly and effectively to get you back online! Contact us via (03) 9555 6684 during AEDT business hour or anytime via

Until next time, happy teching!

Paul & the HorizonTech Team



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