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Emerging Technology

Today the way in which we live and work is rapidly changing, and the pace of change will be even faster in future. Innovation cycles are shortening, our world is rapidly becoming more digitised, and how successfully business in particular navigates this change will be crucial to their future success. 

In 2019 it is an especially good time to reflect on these changes, and devise a strong plan for the future. As we look to a new year and decade in 2020 that will deliver tremendous change as a result of tech innovation across all aspects of daily living and business.

Our team at HorizonTech understands this intuitively. We’re both a computer services store with a brick and mortar presence in Highett, Melbourne, Victoria, and also a collection of in-house tech specialists who service clients via remote and off-site support near and far. 

As a result of the day to day operations of our team, we engage with this evolving landscape of change daily. Accordingly, we know it’s essential our colleagues and all our valued customers have a solid understanding of it too.

Into the 2020s

The 20’s will see technology once regarded as little more than pipe dreams – like cryptocurrency and blockchain, the self-driving car, and personal passenger drone -become a reality. This in complement to advances in technology like VR and AR that’s come along in leaps and bounds in recent years. It will be a decade of massive change.

What won’t change in this arena is the need for computer technicians and experts to assist tech users, in fact demand for them shall only grow. Yet this demand shall also be uneven. After all, the greater use of technology in our daily lives will also device a great general ‘tech literary’ to the general public. 

A look at senior’s today in our society evidence this clearly. While a generation or two ago many seniors may have had little-to-no interaction with computer technology day by day, today Aussies in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond are emailing and posting happy snaps on Facebook with ease. In future then a demand for basic computer services like updates will actually decline.

But in its place will arrive a far more complex tech environment. It’s essential for business and customers alike to understand the changes forthcoming. A few examples here really illustrate the evolution we are seeing…

Computer Services Through the Years

Go back to 1989. If a new real estate agent in this environment needed computer help, it was almost certain to be confined exclusively to the use of the computer as an office tool. Maybe a new OS needed to be installed, perhaps the screen had cracked due to a clumsy toss of an auction hammer. Whatever the case, in the year 1989 most people felt only Michael Keaton’s Batman and Marty McFly from Back to the Future II had the need for complex technology.

In 1999 Ricky Martin released his cautionary song Livin’ la vida loca, North Melbourne won the AFL Grand Final, and a real estate agent who’d began his career in 1989 was now coming to see as the new millennium dawned the value of having a website online. Given the limitations of tech and youth of web design principles of the time the site would be simple. But still it’d be there, and the value of it shows the transition computer services made in the years since 1989.

In 2009, daily online use is the norm. A real estate agent understands this well because not only the kids are kids playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves each night online, but on weekends even he takes a trip down memory lane playing the latest version of an old classic in Street Fighter IV. His agency’s website now needs a good social media strategy – something unimaginable a decade ago in 99 but now crucial – and gets a Facebook and LinkedIn presence.

In 2019 that real estate agent has seen his life and industry transform in a ton of ways, and not just because he has seen Star Wars movies once again make a massive comeback to the big screen. From 1989 to 2019 he’s seen tech become an absolute essential in the day to day operation of his business, with a good website and social media management absolute musts in 2019. 

But what about the future? What would his business look like in 2029? In the years ahead he shall need to rely on computer shops and tech experts even more in order to make the successful transition into the next chapter of the digital economy. 

One where it can be anticipated today’s industry-staples like and could soon see technology like blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become essentials in the daily running of a real estate agency. 

HorizonTech Through Time

HorizonTech started in 2011. Anyone who has started a small business could tell you it’s a lot like a rocket ship. You need a lot of power and energy at the start to achieve lift off, to get you up in the air. That’s why I’m never adverse to telling others in my field interested in building a business in this space that for many years after establishment I worked 7 days a week.

Happily so, as I love what I do. Then there’s of course the pride my team and I have in this business, and the desire to keep building it better. Yet however you look at it, that’s a lot of hours. Time spent building a business that looks to provide first class customer service, industry expertise, and a diverse variety of services to cater to our clients needs across the board.

What other computer shops must understand is they’ll need to travel a similar path soon. 

Customer shall increasingly need multiple services offered in-house. To ensure the services are complementary to each other, are cost-efficient, and also enhance productivity by avoiding the need for a business to interact with multiple tech businesses like a computer services shop, marketing agency, and web design firm. 

Building a Foundation for the Future

In 1989 a real estate agent’s annual computer ‘needs’ may have been confined to ordering a new mousepad. In 2019 such needs are far more sophisticated. In 2029 it’s entirely possible every real estate agency – even small boutique ones –  will need a dedicated technologist working in-house each day to maintain the digital elements of the business. 

Savvy real estate agents – alongside other professionals in other industries – will recognise there’s a unique opportunity in 2019 to harness the untapped potential or emerging technology and build a competitive edge in the marketplace. From the use of UAVs to setting up a remote support with devices like Datto Alto so you’ve a constant contact with your local tech team.

Building a successful business and expanding it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. That’s all the more reason for other computer shops to start now. Ensuring they proactively consider the evolving needs of their customers as we head into 2020.

For all customers in need of tech support now – or who anticipate an uptick in need during the months ahead – my team is here for you today and ready to deliver you the support you need. Contact us via (03) 9555 6684 during AEDT business hour or anytime via

Until next time, happy teching!

Paul & the HorizonTech Team



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