Fast Fix or Real Repair? Your Quick Checklist

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At HorizonTech we’re big believers in empowering our valued customers to build their tech knowledge. Sure, empowering is a big word, but we believe in always being direct and upfront with all who walk in our store. It’s not an issue for us if our customers can grow their tech knowledge and understanding of the industry lingo – it’s an asset to us.

It means customers can walk into our store knowing what service they need, why they need it, and what we can do to help them get it. Of course we’re always ready to start from square one with any customer, but we also don’t need to have your visit to do that – we can do it right here!

For example, in helping you decide whether the current tech issue you’re having with your computer is actually a fast fix, or a real repair. There’s 4 questions you need to go through on the checklist to find out. Let’s look now.

Do I Know Why This Happened?

The first question anyone looking to make repairs should ask is what caused it the issue? At times this isn’t always possible to know, but taking a moment to stop‚ pause and ask this question is critical. If one day your computer just does not switch out on the blue, then that’s a real mystery. 

If on the other hand you were vacuuming yesterday behind the device, it’s possible what you thought may have been a major system fault was actually just the power plug knocked out (don’t feel bad about this! It can happen to the best of us). 

If you’re initially unsure of the cause‚ actively pausing and asking this question is always the first step, and may mean what appears to be a major problem was actually just a quick fix. 

Can You Complete the Quick Fix?

The next question you must ask is about problem solving, and looking for a simple fix. A great example of this is dropping a heavy book on a keyboard. If you did that yesterday and your keyboard doesn’t work after, then odds are good simply buying a new keyboard will sort it out.

The same applies if you install a piece of software and then find everything goes haywire. In situations like this‚ uninstalling the software will often do the trick (though it’s true‚ you might then need to look further into why your computer reacted like that in the first place‚ as other issues could be in play). If you can’t think of a simple fix, then it’s a sign a more serious problem is on the cards and it’s time to give us a call.

Do I Have a Road Map for More Complex Problems?   

If the fix isn’t simple (read: involves just 1 step) then you need to make a plan to fix it. Making a plan is really important as it helps ensure you can actually get to your goal of the computer working again‚ and is also a key way to identify if you should stop. It also avoids the headaches of trying to fix something and making it worse.

Being able to fix minor issues is great‚ but if you’re simply ‘poking around in the dark’ that isn’t good. True, there’s a lot to be said for learning by trial and error in tech. For example, many major all stars of the tech began great careers by teaching themselves how to program. Yet there’s a big difference between learning how to build a mobile app, and permanently offlining your device.

Will I Have to Unscrew Anything?

This is usually the ‘point of no return’. If you’re someone that builds your own computers regularly, then obviously this step might not be intimidating at all. If you’re someone who occasionally still finds dealing with your antivirus program confronting though, then it’s best to stop here. 

Once the screws come off a device all bets are off when it comes to fixing the problem unless you really know what you’re doing and how to fix the issue. That’s why if in doubt it’s best to get in touch with us first. 

Your Trusted Team for Real Repairs

It’s always great to have customers who are keen to build their tech knowledge. We’re passionate about tech, and always pleased to have a chat and share some knowledge that helps others grow more confidence in their use of technology. It’s just also really important to make the call when you feel a tech issue you have outpaces the current knowledge you have today.

So if you have gone through the checklist above and still can’t see a path to a quick fix?

Get in touch with us today. By being proactive and giving us a call early on, you have a guaranteed path to getting the problem fixed in the fastest and most cost-efficient way.

We’ll also be really happy once repairs are done to have a chat to you about what caused it, and what can be done going forward to prevent it happening again. Contact us via (03) 9555 6684 during AEDT business hours or anytime via

Until next time, happy teching!

Paul & the HorizonTech Team



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