How Often Should I Get My Computer Serviced?

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It’s always great to get a shiny new computer and run it for the first time – and it’s always no fun when it stops working like that. With proper maintenance and care it’s possible to keep your computer running like new for many years after your purchase. Regular servicing is an essential component of keeping your computer is good condition.

The Need for Servicing

While the work we do each day with computers is within the digital world, it ultimately depends upon electricity, moving parts, and their effective operation together to function. This is common knowledge, but many people overlook it when they notice a slowdown in computer performance. Instead thinking it’s simply because they downloaded a new movie or installed a new game that their computer performance is suffering. 

While what you do within the digital world can certainly impact computer performance, ultimately like a car or motorbike with an engine issue, if your computer hardware isn’t in optimal condition it won’t perform like it should. So how do you figure out how often you need to get your computer serviced?

The Golden Rule of Computer Servicing

A lot can happen in one year. Your computer is testament to it. Over 12 months a computer’s performance can really slide, and it can be a direct result of hardware issues. Just like wear and tear on a car or motorbike, every computer requires a ‘tune up’ at least once per year not simply because of the way it operates but the environment around it. 

A chief culprit of computer degradation is dust. Even when you have protection around your computer, it still needs ventilation to keep it cool, and this opening is usually how dirt, residue, and other impurities get in.

So even when you try your best, it’s often still possible for it to build up in your PC. This is a particularly big problem when it comes to your computer fans, that keep your system cool and running at optimum. When your fans are clogged and can’t spin normally, it can result in your system overheating and not working properly.  This is why a regular clean is important. 

When should it be more often than once a year?

There are 525,600 minutes in a year. Alongside regular wear and tear, it takes something bad to happen in just one of those minutes to really damage your computer’s performance. Spilling a drink, spraying some air freshener nearby that speeds in, or even a pet deciding your computer is the perfect spot to do some grooming and shed some can all result in residue build up. 

While your cat hopping on top of your computer for a moment isn’t reason to freak out, it’s a reality that build up of dust and other particles in your computer over time can create a fire risk. 

This is particularly true if its been caused by the result of a liquid, like a drink that’s been spilled onto the machine. If something like this has occurred, it’s important to switch off your machine and disconnect it from the power immediately, and then bring it to us before using it again for an inspection.

Beyond external causes, there can be internal factors which means its ideal to service your computer more often. If you’re someone who is a very heavy user of the machine and does lots of demanding tasks on it – such as being a graphic designer, a high-end gamer, or even cryptocurrency mining – then you may notice the need for a more regular servicing to prevent a slowdown, and other issues with your computer’s performance arising.

Keep in mind

A service with HorizonTech doesn’t just involve a clean up of your hardware, but a few extra goodies when it comes to your software too. You can do some of this in your own time – and we always support our customers desires to be proactive and learn – but it’s also true we’ve got the expertise in-store to guarantee getting your PC up to speed is rapid.

As a result, a service with us with clean your hardware and give your operating system a tune up too. This combo is another reason why we’re so delighted to have many customers do an annual service with us year after year. Because they know with a quick service once a year they’ll have a computer that runs like new 365 days a year (including 366 in a leap year!).

So, if your last service was a while ago? If you find your computer is lagging and not running like it should?

Contact us via (03) 9555 6684 during AEDT business hours or anytime via to book in a service. 

Until next time, happy teching!



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