Samsung’s New Note 10 and What It Says About the Smartphone’s Future

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Recent days have seen Samsung unveil the Galaxy Note 10. The flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant Samsung represents a big upgrade on the Galaxy Note 9. Seeking to set a new standard for what a premium smartphone can offer consumers heading into 2020.

But beyond slick PR and glitzy ads what does the Note 10 tells us about the smartphone industry going forward? Here’s 3 essential takeaways:

A New Price War

Samsung’s will have three versions of its new offerings.  The 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10, starting at AUD$1,499, and the 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus starting at AUD$1,699, and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus with 5G starting at $1,999.

These prices points are still north of the Apple XR’s entry-level model which currently retails from AUD$1,229. Yet sees the 6.3-inch sit under the iPhone XS 5.8-inch model which starts at AUD$1,629, and compares favourably to the Cupertino company’s 6.5-inch XS currently retailing for AUD$1,799.

This fires a real salvo at Apple, and also at the general trend being seen in recent years of premium model phones ticking upwards in price.

Messaging in the Market

Following the arrival of the first iPhone on scene in 2007 manufacturers entered into a period of ‘sameness’. With many smartphones being released that looked and felt like direct iPhone clones. Now the major manufacturers have realised – alongside recent years seeing many say Apple lost a step – asking customers to drop over $1000 on a phone each year demands something fresh.

So while premium smartphones will still share much in common there are distinctive selling points emerging. Samsung has built a unique angle out of its ongoing use of the stylus. What was once seen as an eccentric accessory is now becoming a focal point of Samsung marketing.

Apple is ‘betting the farm’ of its manufacturing prowess. Having last month announced it would become the majority owner of chipmaker Intel, and in recent years has done similar buying up other businesses to bring them in-house in the hopes it’ll deliver them new innovations like Face ID and its AR plans.

Google has been a quiet achiever with the Pixel, but it offers something to Android users Samsung can’t. As a smartphone made by Google benefitting running the Android os made by Google, the user experience on Pixels can be totally seamless. As we increasingly see greater integration between our phone and devices like Google Home in future, this advance will become ever more valuable. 

Beyond this, there’s also other major players like Huawei hanging around near the tip. Through true recent U.S-China trade wars tensions have made the future of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer more uncertain.

Accessories Now an Essential

Alongside the stylus and Samsung has also promoted heavily the Note 10’s integration with its wearables. Apple has been doing the same with successive iPhones since the Apple Watch’s launch in 2015. 

This may seem incidental at first, but looking to the decade ahead it will mean smartphones increasingly shift from being standalone devices to portable ‘hubs’ for all gadgets in your life.

This is undoubtedly cool, but it also means choosing your next smartphone will become an increasingly complex decision as you need to consider how it integrates with your computers, tablets, watch and other gadgets around the home.

Making the Call

Whether you need advice on the best smartphone for you, a repair, or some assistance in integrating your smartphone with other gadgets in your life, my team and I are here for you.

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We’re passionate about tech, and always ready to help you with all your smartphone needs.

Until next time, happy teching!
Paul & the HorizonTech Team



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