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Most people think Mac computers are safer among other brands of devices. However, malware and other viruses are evolving and getting stronger as times go by. So what do you do to protect your device from a virus? That is by getting an anti-virus!

Most Mac users rely on Apple’s security, which genuinely shows great performance. The creator of Mac has built anti-malware protection into macOS. If you are a Mac user, before opening a file, Mac will check it against a list of malware. However, you can’t open a file even if there is no reason for concern if an application from a developer hasn’t already approved.


So Do I need an Anti-virus for my Mac?

This question has been in long debate on many forums because many users including Business Insider claim that Macs are more secure than Windows PCs. Security features in the Apple OS make it difficult for cybercriminals however, there are ever evolving exploits on the internet such as Trojans & ransomeware requiring Mac users to install anti-virus software to remove unwanted bugs.

Mac devices can get viruses as well. The latest virus is a new variant of adware that is infecting Macs via a fake Adobe Flash Player installer. A Mac security software Intego identified it as the OSX/Shlayer Malware, while Malwarebytes named it as Crossrider.

So the question whether you need to install anti-virus software on a Mac or not, is all up to you. There’s nothing wrong with adding security software to ensure your device is protected.

The first picture that pops in your head when you heard ESET is its blue-eyed cyborg mascot. This brand is popular not because of its mascot, but it is one of the first choices of Mac users because it gets excellent scores from the independent testing labs, and includes a few useful bonus features.

Just like other software, it offers 30-trial, premium version, and its latest version. Its premium includes tons of features, while its basic version has only a few features.


-Easiest software to install and use.
-ESET NOD32 Antivirus functions as a protector of your Windows computer from malware such as viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, and rootkits.
-It recognizes ransomware quickly
-It is good at differentiating between benign and harmful threats
-It doesn’t typically flag legitimate files as threats.


-Some tests found out that it uses a lot of computer resources while running.
-Slows down desktop/laptop if run at the same time as processor-intensive programs. However we have not found this to be the case in our testing. Horizontech Computer Specialists recommend this software on any device.

Avast Free Mac Security

Avast is another well-known security software. It boasts great features for Mac, which include:

*Real-Time Protection
*Full Mac Scan
*Custom Scan
*Security Reports
*Total Malware Detection
*Removable Drive Scan
*Scheduled Scan
*Real-Time Security Updates

-Avira Antivirus Pro
-It has a gamer mode. It can automatically kick in while you’re playing games online.
-Low resource usage
-Fast full system Scan
-Offers 30-day money back guarantee


-Live chat is not available
-Outdated user interface
-Several scanning details are hard to find

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac


-Can find and destroy both Mac and Windows malware with near-perfect accuracy.
-Provides on-access protection from viruses and other malware
-East to use anti-virus program
-Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
-64-bit versions are available

-The software creates a little lag on your computer,
while running virus scans.
-It can only be used at home, no business use offer
-No custom scanning options

Symantec Norton Security Deluxe

This software got good scores from Malware Protection labs. Although it is expensive, a wide variety of security tools, including firewall protection, parental controls, and antivirus scanning.

-Firewall tools
-Provides Web browsing protection
-Parental controls
-Antivirus scanning
-Password protection for files
-Location-aware security.

-No Chrome support

Sophos Home for Mac

-Certified by one independent lab.
-Can detect all Windows malware in hands-on test.
-It has good phishing protection feature
-Provides remote management.
-Simple parental control.
-Offers free trial

-Its protection and performance Scored 4.5 out of 6 by some lab tests.

Don’t know which brand of anti-virus to pick? Ask one of our expert technicians at Horizontech for advice on what best fits your needs. Message or call us anytime!



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